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Summer With Sexy
BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary, New Adult
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Treva Harte writes her hot sensual romance with a paranormal bent. Her stories and novellas contain everything from historical t"ime travel to futuristics, from witches to suspense.


Summer With SexyJust Released: Summer With Sexy
Genre:BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary, New Adult
Length: Novella

Zoe Pappas didn't want her new boss, A. Gordon Haigh, as a housemate. She wasn't even sure she liked him, much wanted to live with him. But when she realized the poor little rich boy was broke and his family had decided to punish him for the summer, she had to stick up for the underdog.

She still can't explain how that led to her foster dog adopting Gordon, her very Greek family falling in love with him, and her realizing he was very hot in a corset. But summer is the right time for new adventures—and also for accepting they end in the fall. This guy is only hers for the summer...unless somehow he changes her mind.

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The Superstar's Nanny
Genre:Multicultural, Menage & Polyamory, Contemporary
Length: Novel

When Olivia entered the crazy world of the superfamous by becoming Kenny Lockett's personal assistant, she knew she was supposed to help him with his eating habits. She had no idea she was going to become his go-to person for help with his onstage anxiety and be a general lifeline to keeping his sanity. And when she falls for him, how could she tell him she only took the job so she could become famous herself?

Kenny knew that Olivia is too young and too innocent for someone with his personal history and kinks, but he wanted her anyhow. Maybe if he could just keep himself calm enough and vanilla enough, he could keep her.

Jamal had been Kenny's secret lover as well as his public friend and top-flight agent/manager for years. Olivia was throwing off everything—except he liked her. Maybe too much.

It was love. What could possibly could go wrong?

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